Thursday, April 19, 2012

Italian at Home

Growing up in CA we never really ate Italian food much - we were more of a mexican food family ;-) But since then my taste has changed a bit; a few family vacations to Italy, falling in love with a native Jewish-Italian New Yorker, and the summer I spent in Italy attending Culinary and wine school - has definitely had an impact on my cooking life. Nothing beats fresh made pasta - a killer risotto and some great Chianti. I had a taken a Risotto cooking class for fun in LA after I first moved here but had yet to try it out on anyone, so while visiting my family up North I gave it a whirl - the risotto came out great, I believe my step-dad who has VERY high standards when it comes to Risotto said that it was "great, restaurant quality" < this is a huge compliment ! Also my fiance asks me to make this all the time, and now he even offers to be a stir boy !! ( yes! anyone who has made Risotto knows how crucial it is to always keep the rice moving) Needless to say I believe everyone enjoyed it, and I will admit that it turned out better than a lot of Risotto I have had in restaurants. Here is a picture of it below. Wild Mushroom and Red Wine Risotto!

And the wine used is CRUCIAL ! This wine turned out to be fabulous in the Risotto and by the glass !

I also paired this White Bean & Kale Tuscan soup with the Risotto - and man was it delicious! It was very filling though - it could defiantly be a meal in itself! I found the recipe in Sunset Magazine ( my favorite ) and true to form it did not disappoint!

Some gorgeous Kale!


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